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Thursday, 20 October 2011

Ode to bloggyness

I love that within this blog I can write about things this family does. I love that it, over time, captures what we’re up to and what’s going on. I like that last year I wrote about wanting to move to the country, and then, by the end of the year we had done so. I love that I was so enthusiastic at this time last year. I saw the dark nights as something to escape into. I wrote so very much, and yet this year….

I haven’t found ‘it’ so far. I'm not particularly looking forward to those snugly dark nights. I didn’t really blog about the Summer, or the Spring, or anything at all. And every so often I think…”well, what would be the point of having a glum blog?”, because nothing seems to have had me very excited.

This seems to have plodded along and I haven’t really done much about this. Sometimes we’ve been up to things and I’ve just not had the time to blog about it, but mostly I haven’t got much done at all. I've plodded along feeling like this and its only now that I look back at last year I see that I'm so different.


While I'm finishing up at work-because of the new job-its still quite stressful, and I think that the moment I leave it’ll get better, however why wait until then? That’s like bumping your head first thing in the morning and then being grumpy all day long…well NO more.

The camera is coming out, and I'm finding beauty in everything. It’s that or eternal gloom, so I'm making a stand!


Bonnie said...

It seems everyone was a bit down this summer. Fall does seem to bring a new perspective to things, doesn't it. The pictures are wonderful. Good to see you back!

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Your pictures are always really good - much better than mine! I love seeing them all xx