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Thursday, 17 January 2013

Friends for Tea

Having friends for supper is one of the loveliest ways to spend your time. We did this the other night and it was a real ‘moment’ as we knew that the house was no longer so cold we were embarrassed and it was quite organised. No boxes, no carrying the heater to and fro until the boiler is fixed, just warm and welcoming.

I had made a lasagne the night before so it was a simple ‘lift from fridge and into oven’ job after sprinkling on cheese. We gathered around the table and tucked in. Reaching out for delicious spoonfuls and gathering them on our plate until they tumbled down upon each other.

Yup, this was what the house was supposed to be.

1 comment:

Jane and Chris said...

Real friends don't care about what a house is like,it's the people who make it home...still I wish my house were more welcoming!
Jane x