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Friday, 4 January 2013

New Year

Celebrate a new year!
Happy New Year everyone, I hope that Santa was good to you and that you had a wonderful Hogmanay. Last year was such a funny sort of year. Summer was a wash-out and my Christmas celebrations began on the 22nd when we finally got our heating in.
Part of the lack of blogging was that I was very busy with boring things nobody would blog about-unless I was particularly angry and I would then drag you all into my rant, and part of it was such an awful lot of disappointment. I found it when trying to build bridges with people, when TH and I were both trying to find time together when there were so many things pulling us every which way. I found it when looking for jobs or even planning things to do on a rainy summer day. I felt it when I believed that I should or should not be doing a certain thing at a certain time of the year.

expectationsI think it would be all too easy to set up very high expectations and fall so terribly short with them, goodness knows I’ve done it more times than I care to remember. Last year I hoped that I would DO something each and every weekend. I feel that we certainly did for the first little while, but I did have many a very lazy unproductive weekend too. I was inspired by The Wonderful Weekend Book, which is my favourite sort of book, to not be so awfully boring and be able to make my way back to work on a Monday morning and proclaim that I knew exactly where my weekend went.
This year I would like to work on the very same thing. This might take the form of getting back into baking, or celebrating the seasons more or maybe even getting out in the rain in the height of summer and doing something or other. I may end up taking a class like TH who I am immensely proud of for following his dreams. I may even join a club at our local community centre-seeing as it is just over the fence!

What all of this boils down to is celebrating what you have in life. Not what you wish you had, like more time, people of a certain nature around you or warm weather. Not only because, I work full time, can’t change other people and live in the North East of Scotland. It boils down to not wishing your life away. It boils down to recognising I am busy with a full time job that I wanted and my heart burst with pride when they said they thought I were the perfect candidate. It boils down to being grateful, and I would be truly ashamed if I was not that.

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Jane and Chris said...

This year,on the blackboard in the kitchen, I am writing things to look forward too each month,so each day I feel lucky to be able to look forward to something...nothing is earth shatteringly exciting,but it's still something.
Jane x