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Tuesday, 19 February 2013

25 Things About Me

I read a blog a little while ago that had a 25 Things About Me part of it which I thought was really fun and cool. I guess when you blog all the time people get some sort of fragmented idea of you. I love the Cherry Menlove website and vividly remember that she posted some pictures of a pheasant she was about to cook which caused some uproar. I remember thinking that it is certainly odd what you may or may not feel passionately about when finding out that another person likes or deems it acceptable. Hence the 25 Things About Me….

1. I am passionate about Irish history.
2. I chat to my dog incessantly and make up and sing songs about her when wondering around the house.
3. I got married when I was 23.
4. My first holiday when I was little was sailing around the Greek Isles for six weeks.
5. I love bitter and sour flavours.
6. I got a degree in History after moving from Politics, I also studied Divinity for a short while.
7. I moved house four times in one year when I was little.
8. My favourite perfume and song is Amazing Grace.
9. I love going to Church and feel truly happy there.
10. Pink is my favourite colour and I only became girly when I turned 16, before then I went through a bit of a grungy faze.
11. I am a tea fiend and abhor coffee.
12. I have an incredibly dry sense of humour.
13. I love University Challenge and do a lap of honour if I get 10 points.
14. I love make up counters.
15. Christmas Eve is infinitely better than Christmas Day in my mind.
16. I hate the taste of all alcohol.
17. I was in the Air Training Corps when was 13, and made it to Cadet Warrant Officer before becoming an Adult Sergeant.
18. I loved cross country running when I was younger and competed for the country.
19. I am a ‘Blue Person’, which means I love evidence, knowledge and order.
20. I can’t watch Strictly Come Dancing without shouting SEVEN.
21. My favourite meal would involve lasagne.
22. My favourite books include Mere Christianity and How to be a Woman.
23. I love gummy sweets.
24. I learnt to swim because I decided to one day while on holiday in Portugal when I was 8. I got into the pool not being about to and left 10 hours later with a lot of confidence.
25. I adore getting The Guardian on a Saturday and spending the whole day pouring over every inch of it with a cup of tea.

1 comment:

Blueberry Heart said...

I remember that post about the pheasants! It did cause somewhat of a furore didn't it! I have to say though, that I am all for people blogging about what they want to and without fear of recriminations from the 'blogging police' who want it sanitised for what they want to read. But I suppose thats what its about, having a little bit of cyber space in which to 'express' for want of a better word!
I love your idea of 25 things, your list is certainly varied and interesting!
Have a lovely day,
BH x