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Friday, 22 February 2013

Garden Jobs

There is something about being able to stretch and go outside after such a very long time inside that really does quite a magical thing to you. I have been experiencing this magic recently as we are now enjoying a short visit to the garden shortly after waking up. We take our tea and coffee and watch Daisy Dog potter about, investigating the same tree, and barking at the trees when the wind blows through them.

I have been making preliminary plans for the garden which right now is a patch of grass, moss and weeds. There is no bare soil and it doesn’t look like we’ll be getting any pleasant surprises popping through to greet us. I have plans, but it looks like a lot of what I want to do will be an Autumn job-remind me to save my holidays from work for then!

We have an area of the garden which seems to be in perpetual shade as it is in the middle of the house and wood shed/garage, if there were no windows facing it I think I would do the easiest thing and put some gravel over it and fill the area with boxes for wood. It is, however, right in front of the kitchen window, and although from there we get a pretty view if standing at an angle, I can’t stand the idea of making it so dark and boring. I am going to be trying to find the best plants for such a dark, dampish area so that I can brighten up one small corner at a time.

Until then I think we will spend some of the coming weekends at garden centres reading up on the plants they display trying to figure out what can be done now to brighten the place up. We will be busy enough quite soon chopping down three trees which cast a giant shadow and seem to be precariously close to the house and garage. The Husband is also in the midst of putting a fence up so that Daisy wont have to be supervised on her jaunts in the garden, with so many squirrels about I worry that she will dash after them.

It seems like everything is coming together nicely and I’m sure it wont be too long before it all falls into place and we’ll be sipping strawberry daiquiris in the warm sun!

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lemonade kitty said...

When the sun shines I'm itching to get out into the garden and I did "pretty" it up a bit with some primulas in pots but then it snowed again!!, Roll on Summer, Lucey x