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Monday, 4 February 2013

Planning, Planning, Always Planning

A friend of mine has just come back from holiday determined to buy property in Turkey. I thought for a moment she has got in with a crowd giving away those dreaded scratch cards on a beach front somewhere, but apparently she has way more sense than me and is fully aware of what she will be doing and getting into. I wouldn’t want to discourage her-read I am looking forward to free holidays-so I have signed up to go to a show with her later in the year and help her track a place down by any means.

When we go on holiday we always stay in an apartment and enjoy the freedom it gives us. We always seem to find what we need and such very little helpful hints and leaflets of activities close by make us exceptionally happy. I know that if I had the money I would certainly do this myself. She lives nearer a big airport than I do and I know from speaking with some friends of ours that claim the smart thing in these circumstances is to book flights far in advance and then to rent out the rest of the time.

The pool is quieter than a hotel and the ‘cooking’ isn’t a chore as we live on salads. I nearly swooned when I saw her holiday snaps. A couple of the girls were talking about going on holiday together and as TH will be spending some time away in Asia with work it would be good for me to get away and not be reminded of the fact I was alone in the house.

I think some cocktails and some time and we will not only have organized either this apartment, a holiday, but most probably set the world to rights too.

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Blueberry Heart said...

your friend will like the seclusion of owning her own property abroad, but with it comes the worry of leaving it when its empty! I bought a house in Cyprus a few years ago when I was 32, and whilst it is great,the freedom of your own pool and any sun lounger you take a fancy to, there are downsides too, such as I am too old for the 'clubbing' age group out there and too young for the retiree age group! Lots to consider, but with it comes lots of benefits, good luck to her!
BH x