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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Blue Sky Thinking

I love waking up to bright uninterrupted sunshine through my window. We go to bed when it’s dark and rarely use the curtains, so while the sun is rising at a reasonable time I am more than happy to let it wake me gently. The skies are so massive right now with no clouds in the way making things seem gloomy. I hope that March is as good to us as February was. I’m slowly putting more and more thick bottom pans away, I think there are fewer and fewer casseroles being served up and things are beginning to get their bite back in the kitchen, we will soon we crunching our food instead of having so many nursery teas!

I love this weather!


lemonade kitty said...

We've got blue skies and brilliant sunshine today, just what the Doctor ordered to cheer us all up!! As much as I love "nursery food" I'll be glad for a plate of salad too, Lucey x

Danielle Giannandrea said...

The seasons are begining to change here as well. It's lighter longer in the evenings and the sun seems a bit stronger in the morning. Pretty soon we'll be able to turn to lighter clothing and just maybe...open the windows for some fresh air. Spring is coming...
I love this weather too : ) xo