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Thursday, 7 March 2013

All work and no play.....

Its grey, dark and gloomy outside, but I’m off again tomorrow so it can’t bother me. TH is very ill with the flu (its not even pretend this time!) so I have been getting lifts into work, which has been a godsend. Unfortunately (or possibly luckily) this means I get into work at 6.30 and don’t arrive home for another 12 hours. I have quickly ‘banked’ enough hours for a day off, and I think I’d really rather take it while TH is poorly and needs a bit of looking after, rather than saving it for later.

It means I can catch up on a Mothers Day make and get the house nice and tidy as it’s obviously really slipped with poor TH being in bed all night and day. I hate it when the house doesn’t look welcoming or cosy. I would never ever want to be the sort of person that couldn’t have people round because the house isn’t nice. It has to be either tidy ‘enough’ with good friends and too much tea and cake so they don’t notice or just pile it all in another room if the only options are mess or friends. I am house proud to the extent that things are clean, but I don’t spend all day scrubbing. I would rather spend my time re-arranging some flowers or organising a book shelf. Sometimes I can spend ages organising guest soaps in a room and utterly overlook bed linen needing to be put back on a stripped bed. So tomorrow I will take care of The Husband, I will have time to make the cookies for my Mum and decorate the little lavender sachets for Mothers Day, I will get the house back into order and I will do this all in my own time. Never has a prospect been more exciting.

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Elizabethd said...

I think you are absolutely right. Your husband needs you there, and you will feel better for taking time out.