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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

London Calling

The Husband and I are really quite different when it comes to organisation. There are list people, and there are those that like the uncertainty and sense of adventure. The first group of people are more than happy to plan every spare minute and create list after list detailing where exactly they will be on any given day at any given time. I am one of these people. The second group of people have within their midst’s my husband. I don’t understand him, and he doesn’t understand me-at least when it comes to this.

I am more than happy to take on the responsibility for big events and holidays, and with the everyday running of the home we just muddle along, I guess like every other couple out there.

We are planning a trip to London for our anniversary in October and have already booked the flights. The accommodation needs to be found and paid for-but we really are on a budget as we are going away in the Summer and have made preliminary plans to head off in Winter too. The months of these events are getting closer and I am counting down the pay days! With this in mind we decided to start searching for a London Bed and Breakfast. We thought that this would be a dependable way to find a cheaper option. I found the website good to use as I really like it when a site has lots of options to narrow down a search (…this is a godsend to list makers)

There are a few places that we like the look of and seeing as we are really just looking for a place to lay our head between visits and tours we are more than happy to forgo a free shower gel! The locations are great and that seems to be the thing that matters most to us anyway. Whenever we’ve went somewhere before we’ve always ended up eating our tea at an interesting looking place we have found while out and about-so we never really make full use of hotels. It’s just a matter of picking which area we like best… Right, just need to get The Husband to ‘sign off’ plans and we are go!

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