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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Spring in my Step

I have a confession; I have my ‘Easter head’ on. My mind is on Spring, and Easter celebrations and the idea that I will come home from work one day and it will still be bright and sunny. We are lighting the fire less and less, although the heaters are still on. I do have to say that part of that is because the house was so wet and cold when we first moved it, but now it’s becoming nice to have the windows and doors thrown open wide, so I imagine we will need less heating as we really get into March.

After Christmas I always feel like I should be dropped straight into Spring or at least allowed to hibernate, so I have slowly been biding my time and I can feel now-after the stress of pre-Christmas moving-that this house will be good to us.

I am longing for pastel shades and daffodils, leaping lambs and gardening. Spring, to me at least, is about having energy. This is a season for being busy and hardworking. It must be about digging and planting. It must be about cleaning and brightening the place up, and I can not wait to get started.


Elizabethd said...

Spring does seem to bring a surge of energy, very absent in Winter!

Bonnie said...

Enjoy your awakening. Spring brings such promise.