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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mothers Day

Just after Christmas I bought something in the sales for Mothers Day. However a couple of weeks ago my Mum announced she would like something ‘handmade’. This may have been the first choice for many of you, but my Mum is normally really into beauty products, lotions and potions.

So, here I was, completely set aback and stumped as to what to make. There are still some aspects of the house in turmoil and the location of fabrics or even the most basic of sewing kits was one of these. The only thing for it was a trip to a craft shop to find something to make with not much time left. After a little bit of thought I have planned to make some lavender sachets as it was something my Great Grandmother made. Granny would always make these up and send us off with them whenever we visited, so I think my Mum would like that connection on Mothers Day. Another reason for this plan is that I can make them quickly, and so put lots of pretty detail into them. The Husband is poorly right now and because of travel restrictions I am doing 10 hour days at work as well as making things for TH to have throughout the day, and our tea together in the evening.

I am also making up a batch of Mums favourite biscuits, which means I can do something on Saturday when I have more time. Our original plan was for Mum, my Grama and Brother to come out on Sunday, but with TH coughing and sneezing non-stop I really don’t think it will be the best environment. Plans will have to be re-made so that we can meet up somewhere, so I am quite frantically looking at Mothers Day lunches-and the weather this weekend isn’t going to be nice….wish me luck!

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