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Saturday, 16 March 2013

Friends Over

This weekend is a good weekend for a celebratory dinner. My lovely, kind and very strong friend has just got her house rented out. This lovely couple had been through an awful lot and ended up with a house which they couldn’t face selling (and like lots of times of greif couldn’t find the energy to deal with it at all) but it is now rented out. They are so lovely and I know will be wonderful landlords as they really care about this house, and so wanted nice tenants too who would love the house as they do.

On Friday the burglar alarms were delivered to us as we live close to this house. The men-folk got to work fitting them-they were too good for getting someone who knows what they are doing in!

That was the final thing that needed doing and means that they can rest easy. My friend used the same place as she got some other stuff for the house and everything came quickly and was really reasonably priced. There is a great range of security gadgets that cover a wide range of prices-I have even started looking at some of the cheaper models as when TH is away I worry constantly (although it is normally because Daisy barks at the trees).

So this weekend is for drinking and nibbles, laughter, friends and the sort of rubbish conversation you can only get off with when consuming wine with friends…have a great weekend!

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