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Friday, 15 March 2013

Save the Pennies

The move at the end of last year pushed and pushed us. We humphed and hauled box after box of ‘stuff’ from one place to another day in and day out.

It showed up how much rubbish we keep and what a waste of money and time it was getting people to drag it from one location to another. I have way too many ball gowns and fancy clothes that I am never, ever going to wear again. TH’s last job meant that there was always a dining in night or ball to head to which I obviously needed a new outfit for each time. (oh my gosh…think back to the days before bills!)

I also have loads of china and tea sets which I have collected, but I have way too much of these things and need to get rid of them.  I will use ebay to get rid of the majority of things and then hit a car boot sale when the weather (hopefully) is nicer. We don’t need these things and I haven’t used them for so long I may very well sell them for buttons…quite literally!

The ebay thing was starting to cause a bit of a problem as I didn’t want to send things away too expensively, but im not a company and couldn’t really send them cheaper than I was. My friend put me onto this website http://www.anyvan.com which has been a life saver. I managed to get somebody to take items across the country for a really good price-which meant I wasn’t put at a disadvantage when bidders came a’lookin’. I understand it from both sides of the coin as I think I was actually addicted to ebay for a while when Jessica Simpson started selling her line of cosmetics. http://www.anyvan.com also say they can do house moves-which I wish was something I knew when we moved house. I really love that people can submit there prices which cuts out loads of the hard work at a time when you really don’t need to be bothered with searching through lots of sites that recommend people. Unless you know of someone that can do it, I can’t think of a better way. It also gives you a bit of power really as sometimes I just don’t have a clue of pricing structures for things that don’t get used on a day to day basis.

Hopefully it will be a help to you if you are struggling to find someone to help with a move or package, it certainly is helping me get ebay things out of the door and getting pennies in my pocket!

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