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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

2010 has been.....

I'm so glad that I started to keep a blog, there are many reasons I can be grateful for this, and happy that I have it, but one of those reasons is that I can keep track of things we’ve done or things that happened to us.

In January I’d set my heart on becoming a Mother, can you believe the amount of stuff I thought I needed to fulfil that wish? Well, it obviously hasn’t happened, but the fact that I thought it would straight away took up the whole of January. Horrible cold January was made about one million times worse because of things so far out of my control its ridiculous!
February was the same, but I'm not about to go down the path of explaining all that again…however we had a lovely Valentines Day. Each and every Febrauary the 14th The Husband and I take it turn about cooking each others dinner. I had decided to go down the ‘everything should be heart shaped’ route and so a lovely pasta dish was created by yours truly!
March is the month of The Husbands Birthday and I had a wonderful time creating his Birthday tea. I’d hoped that I could take him away for his Birthday-much like the year before, but unfortunately the school holidays came too close to it and it all would have been much too expensive for a couple of days out of town!
April was lovely as The Husbands family from Edinburgh were up and we got to take them to Kincardine O’Neil to show off the beautiful Antiques shops that they harbour in that part of the world. Our beautiful niece Keira was getting healthier after being born quite underweight and she took up much of our time too!
Hooray for May the month of my Birthday and The Mother in Laws of course! Much celebration and more shopping-thrift of course.
In June we decided to move, we’d had quite enough of the town and decided to get out into the wilds! Busying myself about a new home helped to heal the ‘pain’ of January and earlier in the year and in general I think I started to feel a lot better! The sun was also shining and we opened the door to countless walks and adventures.
July was the moving month and one of the worst gout attacks The Husband has ever had….cue lots of stress and anguish on both our parts. However there are a whole range of amazing things that did happen that month! July was jam packed with sunshine and trips to the beach…never a bad thing.
August was also full of sunshine and something I was not used to at all, visitors. We had a spare room…why not fill it with people! A brand new way to feel happy and share all of the lovely things The Husband and I have built together.
September was a walking month…full of visitors and walking. The nephew came over quite a bit and I was already thinking of Christmas. We had trips away and met with family, life was good.
Our anniversary is in October and I think everything was geared towards that weekend off, my last holiday from work was a distant memory and spending time in the deeply golden autumnal sunshine of October was both refreshing and almost medicine for my soul! I love Autumn and the coming of one pot suppers…but winter was around the corner.
How did I know November was coming? But we sure as heck didn’t know that the snow was…the snow started and it hasn’t stopped since…well, its stopped, but then it just starts again, and again, and again! 
December…the years all gone, Christmas fills every space in the house and we feel refreshed. Healed by what has come and what we’ve accomplished.
Bring on 2011

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Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

Sending you New Year Wishes, here is to a new year! love Annie x