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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

I'm not too awful and a massive Thank You

Hello one and all, and may i also add HAPPY NEW YEAR.  I have been quite absent this last little while, and no...its not because i was at an amazing party to bring in the New Year.  I have been struck down with actual FLU!  I don't think I've had the flu for about 7 years, colds and sniffles, but i have been very lucky, no matter, I'm not one for big parties and especially the new year, so if it had to come, then good job it didn't come in Spring or Summer time.
There are a whole host of things i haven't been doing lately and some of those are on here, in blog land.  I haven't said thank you for my wonderful swap parcel.  So here i am, going a very short way towards saying a massive thank you to Purple Sparkle Crafts for way too many gorgeous things and thoughtful presents.  My camera is dead and the charger has gone walk about again so i don't know when i can even begin to take pictures of all the amazing things i received.  Once again I've not only been astonished, but utterly floored by the kindness of the lovely bloggers out there.  Not only did Purple Sparkle Crafts organise the Christmassy Secret Santa Swap, but she outdid herself!
The obligatory New Years Resolution post will follow shortly, but sadly i must take down the Christmas decorations now.
Wishing you all a happy healthy new year full of the realisation of dreams and the love of the ones you care for.

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