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Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Welcome to January

Welcome one and all to the month of January. The Christmas decorations have all come down-even though Twelfth night falls on Thursday-and although the house looks a tad empty I'm trying my best not to go out and fill right back up again!
This month is still quite full of warming food that need to be jam-packed with energy. Hot soup, juicy steaks and steamed puddings will all be playing a massive part in tea time planning this month, although salad has its place too. I love casseroles in Autumn, but by January I feel like it needs mixed up a teeny bit. Personally I love Greek food, and like to picture the summer holidays and have warming food that’s very Greek, I'm talking kleftiko and stifado…..yummy! Running around the sales could burn off any heavy food calories you have had, but it won’t do any good to those resolutions you only made a short while ago about being the Queen of Thrift.
Remember if you want to buy cheap food mackerel is great right now. We’re really lucky living by the sea and can easily get a whole bunch of fish if we want, I'm learning to be braver as when we moved here I had no idea how to prepare it…but I've slowly been learning and I urge you to try to prepare it yourself if you can! Crab would be a good place to start, so try it now as in January its perfect. Also try to get some seasonal Swede, make some delicious mash with it, it’s really scrummy with proper sausages. For pudding get some great forced rhubarb and make a pie or crumble with ‘lashings’ of cream…what was that resolution about being healthier?
Of course January ends with Burns Night on the 25th, so you have to get your haggis, neeps and tatties ready for your Burns Supper!


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Deccies down and stew & dumps in the pot right now here too. Children back in school so just my school runs to do .... me time at last!
Happy New Year x

bellaboo said...

Ooh,yes,I'm with you on the Greek food.Infact we had moussaka last night,although,lazy me, it was a Sainsbury's taste the difference one!
I think I'll have to get my slow cooker out and make some nice warming stews to come home to.Mr Boo loves haggis but I don't,so I just have the neeps and tatties. ;0)

Floss said...

It sounds so good! Here in southern France we're going for different things- salsify in the garden, for example - but we are also trying to eat seasonally.

I just read your excellent blog post for the new year too - thanks for such a great post and blessings for 2011.