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Monday, 24 January 2011

What will the year hold?

Hello, hello, hello...are you still looking forward to the year or have you been brought down by the press constantly telling you how depressed you should be by a) the weather b) finances c) the government
It all gets a bit much doesn't it?  I hope looking about on blogland and seeing all the crafty crafters and brilliant bakers has cheered you up, its what i do!  Well I'm not here to be a beacon of light, but i am here to ask....what will the year hold for you?
Ive made a list this year of all of the things I'd like to do.  Ive asked The Husband what he's wanting from this year and have been hinting about him doing a list too, but he has yet to write it!  I'm not being bossy or terribly organised-although I'm not sure if organisation can ever be terrible..however, i have made up a list of everything id like to do and hopefully as the year goes by i can tick off each occasion.
Some things are relating to events id like to visit or see, places i wish to go or things i wish id had time for or even remembered to do last year.  Some items on the list are as little as berry picking in the summer, tours around stately homes, or fairs while others are larger and are holidays id like to go on.  They are mostly very little things, like promises i always make to myself about keeping up a 'date night' with The Husband.  I hope if its all written down we'll have no hope but to honour our own wishes!
I urge you that if you are the sort of person that can tend to get a bit stuck (I most certainly am) then this would seem to be a good way of getting un-stuck.  I hope that i can stick to it, as i really think i owe it to myself to do nice things and make nice memories. 
If anyone else makes these plans or others id love to know....and most probably copy you!  Id also love to know what your hopes for the year are...trips?  Crafting plans?  New ventures?
Have a lovely day!

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Flossie and Tom said...

Thats a great idea - maybe you could put your list on here to give us all a kick up the derriere !! I have got a few things swirling round up top but think I will write them down tomorrow X