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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Weigh in Weekly

Hooray, I'm not like the cartoon this week!! I've lost 2lbs this week!  I'm very proud of myself, because quite frankly i thought that last week i was going to put weight on, and then believed that it would show up this week.  Although i haven't been working out, I've been taking the dog on extra long walks and still eating healthily.  I read an article on another blog about emotional eating too, and feel that it really helped, i now don't ever eat anything unless i am genuinely hungry.  I always ate 'what i fancied' before thinking that a little would be OK, but unfortunately I'm not that type of person, if i could eat one square of chocolate and move on it'd be alright, but no...I'll eat the bar...family size or not!! 
I'm hoping that I'm only a couple of lbs short of a 'round number' which is quite exciting for me!!
Have a lovely Thursday...one more day until the weekend!! Yay!!

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Bonnie said...

Sending a great round of applause for your success this week. You are doing great!