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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Getting back to normal

I am trying my hardest to get back to normal and keep up to date with all the lovely and exciting things going on in blogland, but i am terrible and haven't been able to do that much of late.  It was probably this time last year that i started to really write this blog and its odd to see how much it has come on!  I'm surprised, and really humbled to know that i have followers.  I know that there are a million and one other things for you all to do with your time, but yet you chose to be so kind as to come here and have a little read of what I've written.  I always do try to read other peoples blogs, and its always quite exciting to find a new one that you just 'get', you just know that you will read and read and never ever get bored...ever!
Lately i haven't been keeping up to date with as many people as id like to, but (and i know its a bit late) id like to make a New Years Resolution and say that i will try much harder, but this post isn't really about that so much.
It really is a massive thank you to all the lovely people out there that come on here, leaving comments or not, and really just being kind, being themselves and utterly sweet!
I hope to start getting some things together for a give away soon as a way, however small, of saying thank you.  Your comments genuinely make my day.  They bring me so much joy!  And i get very, very excited when i see another follower pop up on my screen....i always have a little investigate to see them and their lovely blogs, and more often than not i end up practically stalking their every bloggy move.

So thank you, i love you, i love your blogs and you make my day, have an utterly brilliant day yourself.....you totally deserve it!

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daisychain said...

Aw, how lovely are you?! x