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Friday, 5 April 2013

Bare Minimum

Being a girl on the go means that you will find me any weekday morning applying make up on the train into work. Oh how I wish to look like Kate Winslet in The Holiday. Oh how I wish my skin was so soft and beautiful (not to mention the overwhelming lure of the adorable cottage), however I am up and out of the door with only a short stop for tea in a mug in the garden while watching Daisy Dog.

I do however, have quite oily and break out prone skin and really must apply a good quality cream as well as a primer, and a foundation to cover up the most obvious blemishes. I maybe know better than most that cleansing, toning and moisturising is the way to go and can honestly say that even from a young age I have always done this. That means that I love mineral foundation as it is the best for your skin. I love the ease it goes on with and the cover it gives.
I think I am now starting to care more about the things that I put on my body. I went through the stage when I decided I didn’t want chemicals inside me and I endeavoured to eat more organic food and really take an interest in local produce. I don’t really drink anyway, but I drink much less caffeine drinks than before, and luckily none of my friends smoke so I’ve never had to care about that much either. I don’t mean that nobody else can do these things-it’s just that all of a sudden it seems to matter much more to me. So for now at least….all hail my mineral foundation! And even more importantly, let’s hear it for five more minutes in bed!

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Kath said...

That's really interesting that you posted this today. I don;t wear makeup, apart from mascara when I go "out" but today I decided that maybe the time has come (now I'm 55) to wear a little foundation on a daily basis. I have some Jane Iredale mineral powder, which I confess I have owned for about 10 years LOL.
How do I begin to choose a suitable foundation? any tips?