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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

What I've Been Reading

I’ve been trying to get to grips with the times my new library is open. When you move house you all of a sudden have to remember the new bin day or recyle collection day, you have to remember new transport timetables and you have to remember when your library is open and closed. Too many times have I stood outside of the closed library swearing that I had seen somewhere that the place should be open.
When I do actually remember when it’s open I find a beautiful old building with lots of portraits in it. The childrens area looks so lovely and inviting-even though I have no children I always am drawn to this area as it was where I maintained when I worked in a library-lots of little chairs and murals. I find the woman that works there so kind and helpful, and even manage to get a chat on those snowy days hardly anybody ventured outside of the house.
I haven’t been going as regularly and so have been re-reading some of the books I already own. However there are a couple I have been getting through. I’ve been reading Dracula as I have never read it and it seems like one of those books that everyone knows. It’s a bit odd reading something that is in letter/diary/note form, but I do like it. There are the cookbooks I always try to get my hands on like The Unofficial Narnia Cookbook which I got because I can’t afford the other one. It’s over £100 and I don’t think our library would stock it for me! The Unofficial Narnia Cookbook wasn’t quite what I hoped it would be, to tell the truth I hoped it would be a bit closer to Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer, but that’s just my book-hangover!
The Unofficial Narnia Cookbook
I also got my mitts on Miranda Harts book, Is It Just Me? I think Miranda divides a lot of people, but I find her good fun and very funny. I think I can relate to some of the sillyness too, so the book was just perfect for someone who loves the TV show. She does a really funny chapter on how upon leaving school you really should be an office junior or some other person low down in the pecking order as its all a bit like school anyway. When leaving University I most certainly thought this. Out in the world where there aren’t any groups demanding you be in the club. No ‘friends around every corner’, no sitting on the grass making daisy chains in the middle of the day-just because it is sunny, no spur of the moment flour and water fights. I think it’s best to be the one that can muddle through low paid jobs too, it gives you time to grow up. It is said much funnier in the book-but if you like the show then it certainly is a pick me up!

I’ve also been re-reading Mere Christianity by C. S. Lewis, this is one of my favourite books ever and reads so beautifully. I adore everything about this book, made even better when you think this man invented Narnia too! Well that’s what I’ve been up to on rainy weekends and snowy days. Me, on the rocking chair in the study, pot of tea on the desk and a book in my lap…good thing such pleasure is free!

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