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Monday, 8 April 2013

Still in Time for the Pretty

I have always been obsessed with the light and fluffy, the jolly, silly, and nonesensicle. I love Home Making because I love making things pretty and happy and cosy looking. I am less interested in the dusting and sweeping although I will at a push if I am attired in some pretty CK aprons and floral gloves… I love decorating for the seasons, Holidays. events in general and times when a party is called for.
I love getting dressed up and I love make up. When I was younger whenever we went on holiday my Mother would have to take a hold of my purse as I would want to spend all that I had in duty free. I love to ooh and ah over the sparkley and girly. I love to pull out a pretty compact and swish a pretty lipstick.

I think that we all need something frivilous now and again. Right now we are saving like mad for a deposit for a house. We are keeping every penny a prisinor and I will certainly we on the lookout for money saving tips. However I also have lots and lots of varnishes and pretty things in the cupboards that I can still wear or use. So in this year and a half of NO FUN, I am able to still sneak a little fun out of life.

I hope to keep this blog up to date with my penny saving ways-although I could never be extreme at all, I think it will be good old fashioned money saving. It will be soup once a week and ‘do I really need that?’ way before it is turning off all lights and heating. Most of all, this blog will still be a place for the silly, the decorative, the bubbly and bright.

Wish me luck, in two years time we’ll be in our own home (just gotta keep saying that)!

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Jane and Chris said...

We all need a a bit of silly/girly/fluffy now and again!
Jane x