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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Shake yourself off

TH and I have been through the mill recently. We’ve been bashed about a bit and retreated for a little while into the comfort of our own home. For a little while we stayed hiding, we sat in front of the TV on the comfy sofa wrapped in blankets. We were not in the slightest vulnerable as we didn’t stray outside the front door. When the weekend came the drawbridge went up.
This happened for a couple of weeks, Friday night would come and we wouldn’t venture outside. However two weekends ago we were forced from our home as TH needed to attend an opticians appointment. The sun was shining, but we didn’t really want to go, the birds were chirping and tweeting and yet I didn’t skip outside of the front door the way I normally would. The drive into Inverurie town went smoothly and we found a parking space quickly. The town was setting up for a farmers market and everyone was smiley and welcoming. Daisy Dog and I walked through the town centre looking in shop windows and wandering up alleys to find new little parks, ponds and pretty green spaces.

By this time I was quite content and forgot my worries. The breeze was warm and I had a belly full of ‘tasters’ from the market stalls. The weight on my shoulder lessened and I was really quite content. Daisy Dog and I walked back through the town in time to meet TH and we then all walked around the stalls together. We got some dog treats for Daisy and some bread for ourselves. I picked up some cookies to have with a cup of tea later and TH had a good look at some cider, but decided against it.
That weekend wasn’t about just having fun or spending money. It gave us the strength to head out again. We are now going to take advantage of the good weather and spring Fayre's all around us and head out again this weekend. There’s a farm open day out west and it promises to be lots of fun!

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Bonnie said...

Sometimes we find ourselves in a place where it is necessary to take a leap of faith and take the first step. I hope all is turning out better.