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Saturday, 13 April 2013

With a Little Help

Friends of ours are thinking of buying a property abroad and have been looking about for a little while, and while TH and I have agreed there isn’t going to be a holiday for us this year, we haven’t exactly said we can’t ‘help’ friends out. When we were chatting about this purchase the other weekend I think I got them thinking about how easy it would be to get to another property. I go green when I think of some of the cheaper trips people near big airports can go on, and compare it to all of the surcharges our little airport gets! And seeing as I am now on a money saving plan I keep reminding them of all of these extra costs.

They are now thinking of buying in Turkey, and seeing as I have never been there I will be more than happy to encourage them. I think an important part of this decision is that you can get flights from Aberdeen where we are closest to, and I imagine you’d want to visit your property as much as possible if you had one.

They come round and I get right into helping them provisionally look at places. I have to say I swear by thiswebsite. I love how you can do quite advanced searches which means you’re not looking at properties you like the look of but once you’ve got to the bottom of the listing you find it never really was what you wanted. When I was even looking at holiday lets that would drive me mad! Its not like you can pop into any old property any old time as if it was in the same city as you, so when you have too make your trip abroad to find another home you had better make your time worth it!

Being a librarian makes you crazy for a good search engine, and any help in that department makes me very happy. I think the site is really easy to use too, but apart from that it actually covers loads of areas. It’s all very well having amazing search options, but if there is nothing to search it isn’t worth it. This is very different and also means that by showing loads of properties in different areas it gives you loads of options for what to spend and where. We found them talking about Istanbul properties and then jumping into chatting about seaside locations, just because they changed the search options a little. And hey, what are friends for? If they need help searching and im a good list maker I am more than happy to help….they had just better remember when we’re moaning for a trip away!

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