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Friday, 12 April 2013

Nursery Days

I think a nursery mood brews nursery food and I have certainly found that to be the case with me recently. A nursery mood is meloncholic and unrest, and the best way to ‘treat’ it is to treat it! Everyone is allowed to have off days-although I have let too many creep up on me at once. However, I think it’s quite counter productive to force yourself to be cheery and eat mango or pineapple when, quite frankly, you need stodge.

There will be many that think quite the opposite, and I understand that too, but it does not work with me, and at times when you feel the most lethargic I don’t want to train my mind to want something my body really doesn’t. So, when I get a bit gloomy the food which does the most amount of good is stodge. That’s why Autumn doesn’t bring me down the way it can feel oppresive to some Summer People. I like the smell of decay in the woods, wood smoke on the wind and pot roast in the kitchen. When my mind is full of gloom I want the same comforting Autumnal food on my plate.

“What?” I hear you say, “this is Spring!” Well I know that, but look out of the window and the sky will tell you a different story. This means that I crave mince, tatties and skirlie. This is what Grandmothers made, and Mothers had in a slow cooker for you after school. This is instantly what you need. Butchers mince, browned off and bubbled up in a pan so the gravy is thick and goey. Soft fluffy mash and a generous spoon of skirlie. Fried off oats and with chopped up onion thrown in the pan. Oh the diet goes right out the window, but nothing makes you better like it!

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