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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Saving Savvy

TH and I will have our five year wedding anniversary in October and my plan for our six year anniversary is to have a deposit for a house. As we only moved house in December we are still settling into what needs paid out and how often we need to order things like logs. We buy gas for the tank in the garden and that needs to be done as one lump sum, which is a bit odd for someone who only had to pay a little bit every month. Handing over £800 in one go was a shock, but we shouldn’t have to do it again until late next Autumn hopefully!

My budgeting skills are being pushed into action and I will have them finely tuned by the time we have a deposit.

My plan so far is making a big batch of soup for supper once a week. TH is very old fashioned and doesn’t like it when there isn’t a ‘meat product’ on his plate at tea time. I will wean him off of this and have him chowing down soup and dessert in no time-its hardly porridge three times a day!

I also plan to go about the house checking if we really need that radiator on, or that fire to be built up when we’re heading to bed in ten minutes or so. There aren’t any direct debits we can cut off (although I’m sure we could live without the sky package), as although I’d be happy to go without a phone line and broadband TH sometimes works from home and really does need it. We live so far away from work that we really do need a car, and we rarely eat out or visit the cinema.

Things that I could be better at would include being more organised with the weekly shop and running down one of the freezers so that we didn’t have to run it or fill it (I hate having the freezer with even the teeniest space in it as it’s such a waste of money). We may even sell it when its empty! I really think I could easily have a months worth of suppers in the freezers so in the short term that will save a little bit.

There is a fence we are in the middle of taking down in the back garden which I will keep in the shed until winter when it should be dry enough to burn. We have so many beautiful views all around us, but the last people in the house erected a 9ft fence all around the back. Poor little Daisy can’t even dream of jumpting over the wall, let alone the fence, so we were going to be getting rid of that anyway as the garden was in such a state when we moved in we’d been told we can do what we like with it.

I went a bit mad at the end of March for TH’s Birthday and spent more than I should have-I know this by the amount of party food that Daisy ate in the following days-but it’s done now and I will have hopefully learned my frugal lessons before a splurge filled time such as Christmas rolls around.

I will be scouring blogs for good money saving and money making ideas, and can hopefully update you in a month or so as to what percentage of the goal we’ve put away so far. Fingers crossed I’m not distracted before then, I am attempting to be on the straight and narrow!

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Elizabethd said...

Your gas supplier should be able to offer you a monthly direct debit payment, much easier than a lump sum.

A good frugal blog with lots of ideas is Frugal Queen. I am not sure of the link but you can google it I think.