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Friday, 5 April 2013

Oh Dear

Things are never perfect. Things never go exactly as we would like them to. Sometimes we get so much thrown at us, that when something really quite incidental happens we find ourselves totally floored by it. I don’t think I could come over as having a perfect life anyway…I think there are too many pictures taken of our home that have piles of laundry or some inexplicable mess in them to put you off the scent that really we’re all in a bit of a muddle some of the time.

Home right now is still a haven, but when we find things difficult we still have to come back and try to lift our spirits. We’re still tired at the end of the day and forcing ourselves to deal with things we wish we didn’t have to. We are still being weighed down and still trying to lift each other up. Things still seem ‘unfair’, as if there was a plan in the world that I was privy to and my life wasn’t going along with it. It is ‘unfair’ because I eat well, or try to be kind or double check sums. I know even when I am in the midst of my melancholic mood that it doesn’t work like this. I know it, but I still have a moment where I get under the duvet and hide there. We are hoping to get out for a walk this weekend. I hope we have a nice time and can have fun and not think about the big outside world.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

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