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Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Little Make

I made these cute little lavander sachets for Mothers Day and was very impressed with my minimal skills. They smell so wonderful, and the scent always reminds me of my Granny who always had delicate little hankercheifs scented this way. I already keep bars of soap in with my laundry piles and every so often shake out some bedding only to find a bar being flung across the room. I think it’s a good cheap way to have a fresh clean house-and I’m all for that!

I’ve been making some more to hang up in the wardrobe or to keep with piles of summer clothes that only seem to come out for a two week period each year. It’s also got me thinking about (…don’t get cross at me) Christmas-as I never seem to get organised enough to make things for people. So I will make up some little baggies and keep them with all of the ribbons and flowers so that in the month of December I only need to buy the seeds. I’m hoping it could also be a canny way to save money too.

I’m so proud of these little beauties and almost feel sad that they should be kept hidden away in a drawer or cupboard.

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