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Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Saving Up

We’ve been having some ongoing problems with our new landlord which has made me really focus my mind and start saving up for a deposit on a house. Saving wouldn’t be so terribly bad, and I guess we are very lucky that we are even able to save a little, so I don’t know why I never did this before. I do actually, I like to shop and have pretty things and I enjoy holidays… However to save for a house and give yourself 18 months to do it is really quite ‘a big job’ in our neck of the woods. Aberdeen was always safe within the property bubble as its very rich because of the oil industry. Its just that not everyone is in the big industry in town and like anywhere costly house prices filter out of the city and into the country side. I guess everywhere has these problems so I had better quit complainin’ and start savin’!
As the person in charge of finances in our house I have set forth our budget and have decreed that there will be no holidays for two years. There will also be a cap on personal spending and I will stop throwing away food purely because I am not organised enough to meal plan. I would love to be one of these people that could live super frugally but I’m a baby at this and need to start slowly. I will be more organised with food and put on an extra jumper before turning the heating up. I’m looking for a part time job I can do nearby which will only take up a couple of hours in an evening or weekend and The Husband and I are going to have a carboot sale soon. We have some things looked out, but I think you really need to get organised for these things.

One of the most important things for me is to see the goal I have set and how I’m working towards it. I don’t know if I will make the old Blue Peter thermometer and colour it in depending on how much I’ve saved, but I will certainly have to set something aside!


Elizabethd said...

Well done! It is worth saving for to have your own home.
There are some helpful blogs on frugality round with lots of good tips.

Jane and Chris said...

If you want it enough, you'll do it.
Will you be wearing outfits like the Blue Peter ladies to fill in your chart?
Jane x