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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Mothers, how do you do it?

How do you get on? I mean, how do you juggle it all? I don’t have children, yet I find it so difficult trying to juggle time with The Husband, time with family members, a second job, housework and the first job. We live over an hour away from work and nobodys schedule is compatable meaning that I see everyone at different times. Firstly-please don’t think I am mean. I love having a family. I spent a few years not talking to most of them and I am grateful and happy we are one step away from normal now! However I am being pulled in so many different directions at all times.

I think I am going to really have to sort out some QUALITY time as opposed to lots of meetings where you say: Person 1 “What have you been up to?”
Person 2 “Oh just working and housework, what have you been up to?”
Person 1 “Oh just working and housework…..[silence]”

I think it absolutley shouldn’t matter how often you really see people, you’re meetings should be friendly and open. I’d love to have people at our house as if it was nothing. I always wanted a kitchen that everyone was in. Even when I was a child I wished my friends could come round more and just hang out. I love it when family members and friends just sort of waltz into your house and start chatting. Our house is in no way stately or fancy or lavish, but its ‘our castle’ and we hope to welcome anybody into it. I think I have an awful lot to sort out and set in place, all I know that when I have been up for 18 hours I don’t want to have a coffee in a shopping center. I know that I want friendly chats and hanging out that isn’t a chore, but an absolute pleasure.

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