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Thursday, 25 April 2013

Extra in the Jar

We’ve been saving recently and have a strict budget where all money needs to be accounted for. When we paid our bills out of two accounts The Husband paid for the sky package as he was the one who wanted it. I obviously watched the TV too and now have a sky box full of reality TV shows which I can’t live without. Now that I am in charge of the budget I have been looking at every little outgoing and wanting it to be really worth it. I was just about to kill off sky when TH got me to look at some of the sky packages available. I guess I am one of the sheep like consumers who get a package and stick to it, “AHA” TH shouted when he thought he could keep his Discovery channel programmes, “these things change, you should only get and pay for what you will watch!”

I conceded and had a little look. Just like the phone bill or the quizzing up on bank accounts I could get the same thing for cheaper or certainly better value. It made sense to keep the sky as we live so far away from any cinema, we don’t buy DVD’s, and we eat out only for Birthday gatherings. Of all the things we could be extravagant on this was one, and we weren’t really being extravagant at all.

We are being savvy with how things were being spent, and if we think we’re having a grand night in by making our own popcorn and watching a good programme or film then I think we can just let it be!

We were able to compare packages and when Christmas rolls around I will take another look online to upgrade to include some more channels-I always need all the movies just in case I miss one that looks Christmassy! The blog on the site will also keep me updated with any deals I can switch to if they turn out to be better than the one I currently have….OK, that’s The Husband 1 and me 0.

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WinnibriggsHouse said...

I'm afraid we have been guilty of settling year on year for what we have re out TV package and are only now on retirement looking at this type of thing! We have found that we could be saving about £26 pounds per month. Will be on the phone tomorrow to sort it this time!